I have a truly guilty pleasure that is good music and I have a confession to make. I absolutely love The Cordial Sins. They are almost the perfect band in my humble opinion. They write beautiful, complex, yet hook-laden songs. They have that perfect marriage of soulful singer and powerful musicians. Their albums are assembled in such a way that you can just let them play from start to finish (just check out our review for their previous effort). And they’re from Ohio! OK that last one may be subject to opinion but hey, My girlfriend is from Ohio, so there!

One thing I can tell you, though, is that when The Cordial Sins release something, and I did not think about this until this review, is that I honestly cannot find a favorite track. I love each and every one of their songs individually for different reasons, much like I do The Beatles or Fleetwood Mac. Each song has a rich layer unique to itself as if every one of their songs was born and raised with the love a mother gives to her child yet retain that slightly devilish smirk just under the surface so you can’t tell where each song will take you. Much like a cordial sin.

If you live or are anywhere in the Midwestern United States on October 21st do yourself a favor and get to the Ace Of Cups in Columbus, Ohio and witness this music live at their release party. Details below.

The Cordial Sins Vinyl Ep Release Show Details:

Date: 10/21/17
Time: 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM (U.S. Eastern Time Zone)
Cover Charge: $8-10
Other Acts: Playing To Vapors, Cherry Chrome
Location: Ace of Cups
Address: 2619 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43202
Location Telephone: (740) 972-8835

About The Cordial Sins
The Columbus-based alternative-rock group The Cordial Sins released their first full-length record, “Daze,” in November 2015 followed by their collaborative single, “Angela” (ft. Lucas Harris) via Impose Magazine. Along with a video (via Idobi Anthm), their last single, “Go On”, debuted and continues to receive regular airplay on CD102.5. The Cordial Sins will release their forthcoming EP, ‘Only Human’ on October 21, 2017.

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'Only Human' cover.
‘Only Human’ cover.

As the meaning of rock ’n’ roll constantly ebbs and flows, one can count on The Cordial Sins to create music rooted in pure rock ’n’ roll while staying consistent with the times as the Columbus-based group is dynamic in the genre and fresh in sound.

Front-woman Liz Fisher – classically trained in violin – brings an indubitable force of musical skill enhanced with profound lyrical imagination while lead guitarist, Corey Dickerson, grounds the band in its rock roots with shimmering guitar licks heavily influenced by Radiohead, Real Estate, and Nels Cline.

Together as a band, The Cordial Sins’ musical savviness intertwined with their eclectic influences make for an exciting, bold, and sonically-pleasing mixture of alt-rock, shoegaze, and pop. The Sins’ true strength lies in their ability to evoke and evolve the sounds from the greats they have taken after to create something undeniably fresh.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Album credits:

All Song Written and Performed by The Cordial Sins
Lyrics by Liz Fisher

Produced by Jon Fintel
Recorded & Mixed By Jon Fintel at Relay Recording in Columbus, OH
Co-produced by Liz Fisher, Corey Dickerson & Kyle Edwards
Mastered By Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio in Cleveland, OH

The Cordial Sins are:

  • Liz Fisher- Vocals, Synth, Violin
  • Corey Dickerson- Vocals, Guitar, Aux percussion
  • Kyle Edwards- Guitar
  • James Weaver- Bass (Tracks 1, 3, & 7)
  • John Allen- Bass
  • Jeremy Miller- Drums
  • Jon Fintel- Guitar, Synth modulation

Photography & graphic design by Ori Segev