From Columbus, Ohio to the world is the first thing I think of when I think of The Cordial Sins’ new album, “Daze”. Singer Liz Fisher has a new fan here with her sultry yet soothing vocals as she soars above the melody of every song and gives it a signature that is all about The Cordial Sins.

The band has no problem keeping up, however, as every track is a testament to that fact. As I listen it becomes clear that this is one of those bands that were destined to be together because they get “it”. Not quite Alternate and not quite pop, every track is a catchy lucid dream of a bottle that captures the essence of the lyrics and set adrift in the ocean of your mind as you’re left immersed in each hook and every drop.

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The Test Drive: The Cordial Sins - DazeAbout The Cordial Sins:
The Cordial Sins are an Alternative/Indie/Dream-pop band based out of Columbus, Ohio. In November 2015, the group released their first, full-length album, “Daze,” which has garnered positive reception. The Cordial Sins have enjoyed performing at various events sponsored by local radio station, CD102.5, as well as opening for acts such as Genevieve, The Features, and Civil Twilight.

The Cordial Sins are:
Liz Fisher – Vocals, violin, synthesizer, piano
Corey Dickerson – Vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar
Kyle Edwards – Guitar
Alex Randall – Bass
Jeremy Miller – Drums, auxiliary percussion