The Corsican have dropped their ode to love in the form of ‘Love At First Sight’. This song creeps up from behind, and in a good way. A gloriously good way. With such a smooth guitar and steady beat introducing a suave vocal performance in a way that reminds me of those wonderful days in the late eighties when MTV surrendered 120 minutes a week to the cool kids. This is that kind of track. The kind that inspires as much as it lets you admire.

About The Corsican

Josh McKay, one-man-band writer/producer known for a wide range of projects (most recently as a bass player in Deerhunter), offers up the debut of a new incarnation. The Corsican, this month via a juicy Valentine’s 7” on Chunklet Industries. This irresistible little platter reveals a widescreen and almost bipolar range in its bold pairing of sides.

The Valentine’s A-side, “Fever Believer,” embodies a loose hi-energy collision of turn-of-the-70s rock splattered with copious red hot Moog freakouts and manic drumming. It’s all throbbing abandon and urgent emotion…The B-side, “Love at First Sight,” is a deeply reimagined cover of the first solo single by iconic Welsh pop innovator, Stuart Moxham, (fka Young Marble Giants), during his short-run incarnation as The Gist. It unfolds in a silky, subtle, slow-dance kind of way, smoldering as if an antidote to the howling swirl of the A-side. A complete Valentine’s package. A darkly sweet confection to counter the unromantic formalism of pop music today.

Photo credit: Sarah Swillum