Babelord has just premiered their new video for the track titled ‘Love Without Wanting’. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I can’t help but think when you watch this we are all the beholder. Besides the consistent hook throughout the track, the vocals are a perfect fit both stylistically and lyrically.

The captivating part, for me, is the perfect merger of sight and sound. Love comes from within, and to love anything else with true clarity in this world, we must first love ourselves. Unfortunately, in this world, that is something a lot of us fail to grasp. We all want to be loved but we fail to realize that the first person that must love us is the one in the mirror. That is how we learn how to love and the way we love others is a reflection of what we feel about ourselves. To be told that by these otherworldly purveyors of the intergalactic musical juggernaut is not only cosmic but karmic.

When we’re lonely, we look for love high and low. Under barroom televisions, between text messages, on stages — just about everywhere but the source: ourselves. Babelord homages that unrequited love here, a boogie-on bop as fixated on the face in the mirror ball as much as the floor below it. “Love Without Wanting” is inspired by an absurdist riddle from Babelord’s home planet, which she’s translated to Earth’s nearest analog: a catchy pop single.

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Tell us about the making of this video! It’s very fantastical and extensive, it immediately takes us into your world. What was the filming like and how did the idea come together?

The video was a major labor of love from Babecorp, Babelord’s handlers. We really love this song because it’s a perfect distillation of Babelord: mega fun, hyper thoughtful, and fascinated with baby mathematics. We wanted the video to have that same energy. So, someone was like, “what if an alien party-crashed another alien’s music video shoot?” And then someone else was like “OK, yeah, sure, let’s shoot that”.

So, we asked Babecorp machinist Luna Acquavella to birth Buckner, Babelord’s little purple alien co-star. Then we asked her, “Can you make it puke?” The rest was history.

“Love Without Wanting” is our third music video, after “Feels” and “No Cake.” We filmed it over a chaotic 16-hour day in a community theatre outside of Boulder, in the middle of a massive blizzard. About halfway through the shoot, we lost power. But Babelord was able to generate enough childlike wonder to power the lights for what we thought would only be an hour. Miraculously, it lasted the rest of the shoot.

Any favorite artists of the last couple of years that you dig who are more underground that people need to hear about?

We’re based in Denver, and the city has a ton of hidden gems. Midwife, Entrancer, Retrofette, Nightlove and Bun Bun come to mind. Outside of Denver, we’ve been digging Dorian Electra, Miya Folick and Westerman.

Any philosophy or worldview that shapes the music you make that you would like to share or wish more people understood?

In her songs, concerts and upcoming merch drops, Babelord is here to spread unconditional, infinite, intergalactic love. That comes in many flavors — “Love Without Wanting” explores self-less love, the mint chocolate chip of love flavors. Check out her other songs to sample the other ones.

Lastly, what else is on the horizon for 2020?

Our main priorities are recording an album and prepping for Babelord’s live debut. Babecorp is also busy rolling out a sketch comedy series, which’ll pick up steam this year, and is dropping a comic series in the (very) near future.

About Babelord

In the Galactan year 420.69, an alien was sent to Earth. Her mission? A last-gasp attempt to help its people transcend their emotions before a dark night of the soul grips the universe. Obsessed with Earth music, Babelord wraps ABBA-inspired hooks around ancient Galactan proverbs, crafting ethereal pop songs designed to stick to the ear and unstick the ego. She also enjoys puzzles.

The Babelord Project (affectionately known as Babecorp™) is a fledgling Denver multimedia artist collective. Centered around the music created by Babelord, an alien princess from the planet Galactar, the project hinges on a surrounding narrative told through video, staged productions, milk cartons and whatever else we can get our mitts on. In 2019, Babelord released her first batch of singles and music videos, along with a slew of other narrative comics, video, and photos. Babelord continues to pursue her mission of advancing our race through emotional transcendence, in hopes that humans will one day be welcomed into the intergalactic community.