The new track from The Keymakers titled “Good For You” is one tremendous hook from start to finish. Trust me, I know. I’ve listened to it 4 times for this review. Take away the slick production, deep mix, and effects, and you have what a lot of other songs in this day and age lack, a truly good song. You can still hear the value under all of that and, to do that, is a rare thing.

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About The Keymakers
The Keymakers are the duo musical project from brothers Rome Alexander and Rederic. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, the two now live together in Boston. While the brothers have been making music in some capacity for their entire lives, they have only been working together for about a year. Rome Alexander, a singer/songwriter, started his musical journey back in 2010 with his first release and has since put out several songs to critical acclaim through all platforms. He’s written for several other artists, and before beginning to collaborate seriously with his brother, planned to pave his way almost exclusively as a writer.  Rederic started his work in music switching between playing and learning piano, guitar, and drums. In high school, Rederic discovered the world of electronic music production and has been developing his skills and sound ever since, releasing his first remix in 2011 and first original production in 2014.

Since the two have been working together, they have made strides as artists. Under the direction of Jesse Christophr and the AMAG artist collective, founded and headed by industry leader Anshuman “AM” Sharma, the two have been developing both on the artistry side and the writing/production side. Just a few months after they began collaborating, the duo was working with high-profile artists, earning their first placement with Canadian artist Kristina Maria and legendary manager Vito Luprano. While they continue to write and produce for other artists, working closely with the AMAG team, the two are eager to launch their career as a duo.

Their first single, ‘Good for You’ was released on September 13th. “We’ve got so much music in our heads that we want to get out to the masses,” said Rederic. “We’ve honed a unique sound, and we’ll be experimenting with a bunch of different styles and genres that I think will surprise a lot of people”. Rome added that “‘Good for You’ is a great taste of what we’re trying to do, but we’ve got so much music that we really think people are going to enjoy…we can’t wait to get started”

Good For You - Cover Art
Good For You – Cover Art

About “Good For You”
‘Good for You’, has come a long way to get to where it is today. The Keymakers started working on the track back when Rome and Rederic were living in different cities and working remotely. Rederic produced the original version and sent it to Rome, who immediately vibed with it and wrote it that very same day. The two brothers grew up on both old- and new-school R&B, and created this song with that shared influence in mind. Talking about the lyrics, Rome said that “We all mess up sometimes, and neglect the people we care about. No one’s perfect. But this song is about owning those mistakes, the constant effort to be better, and the person that makes that process worth it.” When The Keymakers brought the song to the team at AMAG, the team loved it, but Jesse Christophr, who has been developing the duo over the past year, felt the song needed something extra. Rome and Rederic then created the ‘drop’, which completely transformed the song. A couple of months later, after some finishing touches put on the song by AM, AMAG’s founder, ‘Good For You’ was finally complete.

SOURCE: Official Bio