The Mojo Slide has released their new single titled ‘Not In My Name’.  Groove infected from the start and hook-laden throughout, The Mojo Slide show that the steady groove is the way to go with their latest single. Guitar-driven and rhythm steered, ‘Not In My Name’ has that perfect chord construction that steers clear from the inside of the box musically and has a specific rhythm and definition lyrically that adds to the punctuation of the track itself.

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About The Mojo Slide

Cambridgeshire-based 5 piece, The Mojo Slide, have been spending the last few years working on their new album “Manic Panic”. Their last album, Twist Your Bones, spawned singles that were played on stations worldwide, including Planet Rock, Absolute Radio, and the BBC. They have also released acoustic and covers EPs and will shortly be releasing their second album.

The Mojo Slide are; Mark Wilks (Lead Singer), Mike Fenna (Lead Guitar), Matt Legg (Rhythm Guitar), Dan Savage (Bass), Michael Graham (Drums).

The new album is released on 4th September 2020, ‘Manic Panic’ is an album for the times. Blending rock genres into something which can only be described as ‘filthy blues rock n roll’, this second album from the band is one which deserves to be played LOUD.

The previous single ‘Good Times’ may call for the sun to last forever, but this record contains as much darkness as light. It is rock.

About ‘Not In My Name’

INXS meets Stevie Ray Vaughan: ‘Not In My Name’ is an angry anthem for everyone frustrated by some of the trends of the last few years. It’s about the dark side hidden behind good things, and how they can be manipulated and abused by bad people.

For anyone who’s had enough of people misusing religion, virtue signaling, media manipulation, extreme materialism, or the power imbalance between rich and poor, ‘Not In My Name’ is a clarion call from the masses; a reply to those who seek to mislead and divide us.