The supergroup known as The Pull of Autumn is set to release their new album titled ‘Afterglow’ on July 25th via RBM Records. Here, we get a sneak peek via their single ‘Not Coming Down’, featuring Luke Skyscraper James (Fashion). The song features a unique blend of droning guitars and keyboards under a hypnotic type set of vocals. What makes this song interesting is that, while the song sounds like it may fall apart at any moment due to the sonic chaos and drive set by the music, the song holds it’s own among the white noise that can be the #indie scene at times. That makes this song brilliant on a couple of levels because ‘Not Coming Down’ features an alluring signature sound that says ‘this is The Pull of Autumn’. It also gives homage to the history within the band itself by melding and molding the styles and creative pulses of the members involved.

On July 25, ‘Afterglow’ LP will be released via online stores and streaming platforms and will be available for pre-order via Bandcamp.

About The Pull of Autumn
Boston-based art-rock collective The Pull of Autumn has announced their sophomore album ‘Afterglow’, to be released in late July via Boston-based RBM Records. This 15-track offering follows up their debut eponymous album, released in 2018 on the same label.

The painting ‘Parliament Hill’, featured on the cover artwork was created by James Johnston, founder of Gallon Drunk and also a former member of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and recording and touring artist with PJ Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Ulan Bator, Barry Adamson, and Faust.

Ahead of this release, they present ‘Not Coming Down’, which is essentially a collaboration between Daniel Darrow from Johanna’s House of Glamour and Luke ‘Skyscraper’ James, frontman of British new wave pioneers (and I.R.S. recording artist) Fashion.

A ‘supergroup’ of sorts, The Pull of Autumn also involves numerous other notable musicians from the Boston / Rhode Island music scene and beyond: Fred Abong, founding member of Belly with Tanya Donelly and early member of Throwing Muses; James Rao (Orange Cake Mix); Stewart Anderson (Boyracer); Apolonia (Seasurfer); Richard Vincent Adams (Hood, The Declining Winter); Bruce MacLeod (Johanna’s House of Glamour, Underwater Kites), British singer Mina Hunt, pianist Maria Kuznetsova, Jeanne Batting (Spindle Shanks), and Matthew Darrow (The Woods Decay and Fall).

‘Afterglow’ represents a progression from the collective’s debut offering. The recordings are far more flushed-out, the tracks more varied and with many more musicians on board. This one twists and turns into a lot of different sounds and voices, with all contributors bring their voices and vision to the music.

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“This album is really exciting to me as so many other musicians have reached out to contribute to the new music. All of the artists on board have been playing and releasing music in their respective bands for some time now. Luke Skyscraper James is a brilliant songwriter and I’m glad to have him on board. This album to me is just an amazing moment in my life as a musician. I love all of these tunes,” says Daniel Darrow.

“Afterglow has given me the experience of creating with other likeminded artists too. Just folks who love creating and have Little regard for popular acceptance on any level. These musicians create out of love of the love of making music. Take Stewart Anderson of Boyracer as an example. He’s been playing and releasing music from Boyracer and other bands for over 20 years, all in the spirit the musicians share.”

“The Pull of Autumn has moved forward with trying to incorporate even more genres into our music. One of my goals as a musician is to blur the line from genres and style into just music. I think we have grown in our ability to surprise the listener. There are several curveballs on this album.”