1. Clover The Watchmakers 5:47

The Watchmakers have released their new single titled ‘Clover’. The single has that retro style to it that, personally, I think we really need right now. Lets face it, 2020 sucked. Bad. And ‘Clover’ is one of those tracks that harken back to a brighter time both musically and actually. And its a track like this that gives a smile to my face.

Musically, its all there. Droning signature guitars, those wonderfully barking vocals, and that vintage style that feels like it was laid down on tape. From a brighter time to a better time. We can hope.

About The Watchmakers

Having previously gained radio play and recognition from the likes of major radio networks like Xfm (now Radio X), invited to play a BBC Showcase where BBC 6 Music recommended them as ‘ones to watch’, music publications such as the NME and playing numerous festivals including Isle Of Wight, Kendal Calling, Blue Dot and the British Sound Project along with rave live reviews, the band are making 2021 the year they return – as 2020 postponed everything – continuing their exploration of melody, sound and groove.

Back in May and June of 2020 to tell us about their return, The Watchmakers uploaded a handful of demos that they had recorded in their old rehearsal space but never released. These included ‘Awake’, ‘Summer of Love’ and double track ‘To Be Part of You’ / ‘Kiminara’ on Bandcamp HERE.

About ‘Clover’

Clover marks the return of The Watchmakers and is the first of several singles lined up to be released this year by the band. Starting with a trippy motorik wig-out outro, it slows to then suddenly burst into life. It is an uplifting, melodic and synth laden psychedelic pop nugget creating the perfect blend of a huge wall of sound and heavy grooves for a mind-bending vibe.

Recorded at Hope Mill Studios in Manchester, U.K., the single has been produced by The Watchmakers and Mastered by Jim Spencer (Charlatans, New Order).