The first thing that really gripped me about ‘Show U Off’, the new song by ToBy, was the buildup at the beginning. A true crescendo in a rap song is something that you never hear but, in this case, it is simply brilliant! But, where the decrescendo should be, there is instead a steady plateau of lyrical and musical dexterity found only in seasoned artists and gifted lyricists. ToBy gives off the aura of a man with a mindset way beyond his years with each passing rhyme of reason and reestablishes the art of originality within the genre. Bravo!

‘Show U Off’ drops today (June 1, 2018) and is available via Zyon. Check the links below for details.

'Show U Off' cover.
‘Show U Off’ cover.

About ToBy
ToBy is the musical alias of the 23-year-old, Reggie Baril, an actor/playwright/director/rap artist from Miami and member of the BARIKUDAxDEATHWISH rap crew. In 2017 he graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance with various collegiate level awards and nominations for his acting, playwriting, and directing.

ToBy began in high school in 2011 and during his junior year as an artist he wrote and recorded dozens of tracks with his soon to be Grammy nominated producer classmates, SMLE.

In 2014 he released his SEITEICOS EP featuring self-written/directed music videos for his songs “Sakura” and “I Remember”.

In 2016 his track and music video “Gold”, produced by Los Angeles producer Cray, caught the attention of Joshua Hernandez from ZYON MGMT, home to the award-winning musical savant, Aleksander Vinter (Savant, Datakrash, Blanco), Soltan and the tastemaker and director, Mike Diva.

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2017 brought an EP with the Seattle producer, sov. What the Future Told Me included a double music video for “Wait For It” and “I’m On” directed by Toronto-based filmmaker Sam Hughes and shot by New York cinematographer Andrew Garcia. ToBy closed the year with the Kuda Live Band assisted El Prado Blvd.

In Jan 2018, ToBySeason Vol. 1 produced by Aleksander Vinter as Datakrash dropped and ToBy was selected as an official A3C #ThisIsMyYear performing artist by his fans.

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With his patterned enunciations and rhythmic commentary reminiscent of an early Childish Gambino, the messages throughout his multi-layered orchestrations provide an entertaining platform for connection and influence.
– Afropunk

ToBy’s vibe is so real and relatable I can’t help but get sucked into his poetically poignant world. It’s a moody and melancholy production but the vocals oscillate between resigned despair and visceral angst.

He proudly describes himself as a nerd and openly admits to having a different upbringing—free of alcohol, drugs, and other elements that are normally present in the current rap scene. But these differences have worked in his favor so far, allowing him to create a unique voice and style that is already making waves in the often congested world of internet rap.