Immersed in a constant groove and saturated with consistent vocal bliss, Nite Haus’ new album titled ‘Saturation’ is just that; a saturation of originality. Electronic music can be either really inspiring or really bland. It depends on the artists involved and the environment they’re in. ‘Saturation’ is the former. The inspiration must’ve flowed throughout the writing and recording process because the album almost comes off as one insatiable, ever-changing hook. Even when the music appears that it may become monotonous, it changes or adds something to make it unique. Carrie Turner’s vocals flow with an even keel of power and soul, while Nils Siegel’s music adds many flavors and accentuates the lyrics with a punctual rhythm found only in the work of true composers.

My #1 inspiration when starting Nite Haus was Annie’s first album, Anniemal. Great beats, great hooks, and decidedly undramatic vocals. I like vocals that have a coldness, or at least a coolness, to them. I am a huge music nerd, though, so my inspo list is long: Grimes, New Order, the Human League, Fever Ray, and Rupaul are all genuises who instantly come to mind.
– Carrie Turner

The main inspiration for Nite Haus for me is probably best described as the intersection of “Heartbeats” by The Knife, Toktok vs. Soffy O’s “Day of Mine,” and “Girl and the Sea” by The Presets.
– Nils Siegel

‘Saturation’ is as much a lesson in songwriting as it is in electronic music.

‘Saturation’ drops today (June 1, 2018), and is available via Roughtrade.

About Nite Haus
Nite Haus is an American / German electronic music duo from New York. Carrie Turner (Vocals) and Nils Siegel (Instrumentals, Production) met through Craigslist, where Carrie had placed an ad saying: “Singer/Fashion Icon seeks weird amateur electronic musician.” Nils was her guy. Shortly after, the two began recording in Nils’s Williamsburg living room, and in 2014 self-released their debut album, ‘Transform the Dark’, which went to #11 on the CMJ RPM charts. Inspired by everyone from Kate Bush and Grimes to Daft Punk and New Order, their music mixes elements of house, electronic, and synthwave.

The duo is currently preparing to release their latest project, Saturation. The “DIY” album was recorded from 2015-2017 and was heavily influenced by their lives in New York, a place full of stimuli, a place where your mind is constantly saturated. In her songwriting, Carrie touches on the glamour, the sex, and the energy that comes from living in such an intense place as New York City, while also opening up about her experiences with depression and loss.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Nite Haus are:
Carrie Turner: Vocals
Nils Siegel: Instrumentals / Production