Opening almost like the score for a post-apocalyptic film and transcending into a dreamlike state of musical madness, Tombstones In Their Eyes triumphantly return with their new single titled ‘Open Skies’ from their upcoming album ‘Maybe Someday’. What I have always loved about Tombstones In Their Eyes is their sense of creating moods with music. And that is just as present here in this new offering.

The song is a luscious blend of driven and sometimes conversing guitars over a droning melancholic voice that surrenders to the moment with the somber bravado of a creative genius.

As of October 16, the ‘Open Skies’ will be available digitally. The full ‘Maybe Someday’ album will be released on November 15 on limited edition CD through Somewherecold Records and will be available digitally across platforms such as iTunes and Spotify. It can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

About Tombstones in Their Eyes

Los Angeles’ indie psych-rock outfit Tombstones in Their Eyes present the 2-track single ‘Open Skies’, previewing their new album ‘Maybe Someday’. The b-side is an alternative version of ‘Dreams’, the final track of the new long-play. Tombstones create walls of sound that are simultaneously sonorous and hazy. These are cavernous, stoner lullabies that descend into post-rock soundscapes and are wrapped in dark shoegazing dreamscapes.

This album was recorded at L.A.’s Kitten Robot Studio with Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen, The Deadbeats, The Screamers, 45 Grave), The cover artwork was created by Trevor Tipton, well known for his work with The Black Angels, Primal Scream and Levitation Festival, among others.

‘Maybe Someday’ is the first long-play from Tombstones In Their Eyes since their debut release ‘Sleep Forever’ (2015). This album comes on the heels of several critically acclaimed releases: their ‘Nothing New’ EP, ‘Shutting Down’ single and ‘Fear’ EP. Earlier they also released their huge sounding ‘Bad Clouds’ EP (2016).

“It was time for another full record; luckily, the songs kept coming, starting with the song ‘Maybe Someday’ – one of those songs that just pours out with almost no effort. The song is very sad, really. We had a few more songs ready and we went into Kitten Robot Studio, with our good friend Paul Roessler at the helm, to start the record. Open Skies was originally almost a joke song with lyrics about all the ways I could kill myself until I got it together and wrote real lyrics,” says John Treanor.

“This set of songs still carries a bit of the sadness and depression that permeated some of our earlier stuff, but I was definitely in a better place this time around (although you may not be able to tell by the lyrics). Less depression and catharsis, more joy. These songs do not all fit into one neat box. We don’t use the same sounds on each song and the songs reflect the scope of what we do. I wanted to do a keyboard-based song, and Paul is such a great player so I wanted him to contribute, so we ended up with something really different for us called ‘Dreams’, the b-side for our first single”.

“Sounds like slow codeine-laden bliss or drug-numbing love translated into sonic form. It’s astoundingly fresh, slowcore perfectly-balanced with alternative rock”
– Big Takeover Magazine

“A wall-trembling, skin-crawling, psychedelic-drenched, shoegaze number… Together, they bottle up a raging, Midwestern storm and unleash its fury”
– The Revue

“Wistful and otherworldly vocals.. a druggy and melancholic trip but counterbalanced with a soaring and hopeful chorus. A worthy endeavour”
– Overblown Magazine

“Music so fresh, so expertly produced and melodically sound that it literally takes your breath away after one listen… utterly addictive”
– Primal Music

“Sky scrapping yet graceful, muscular yet intelligent… Masters of such brilliantly conflicted music and over a series of releases have carved their names above the cavernous musical maw that few are brave enough to follow them into”
– Dancing About Architecture