1. Our Time Tony Steele and The Massacre 2:45

Tony Steele and The Massacre are set to drop their new single titled ‘Our Time’ this Friday (October 8th). Tony’s style is a combination of balls out rock, pop style hooks, and all around good songwriting. All usually centered around a memorable guitar riff.

‘Our Time’ is no different. That riff is as hummable as it is memorable. With layered instruments that flow in and out in a signature fashion in a way that makes this a song for the best stereo systems, Tony continues his legend with The Massacre into the new decade with no plans on slowing down.

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About Tony Steele and The Massacre

Last year saw Tony Steele and The Massacre go through a massive transformation with 3 new members coming into the equation, leaving singer/songwriter Tony Steele the only original member left in the band.

Since then, the band has moved away from the Folk Rock sound that was prominent in the past and they have taken on what can only be described as a much more Scouse Indie vibe. Drummer, Mal Peet gives a Keith Moon-esque, energetic and powerful backing which matches Jon Dillon’s bass playing, that at times is playing lead guitar like riffs before moving back into an energetic backing to make room for Sean Gows rhythmic lead playing on guitar. It’s a perfect blend for Tony Steele’s new songs, who as ever , gives a powerful vocal performance.

The one mainstay, is the harmonies, which have always enveloped Tony’s vocal . New single ‘Our Time’ has somehow managed to fuse the sound of 90’s Britpop with a modern twist, it’s an instantly catchy burst of energy in just under 3 minutes and does exactly what it says on the tin.

This is a new beginning for the band, ‘Our Time’ is their time.