1. Not That Sorry 0:30
  2. Hologram 0:30
  3. Drown 0:30
  4. Wisdom 0:30

Wyse has released her new EP titled ‘Anomalies’. Music with emotion and lyrics filled with motion, Wyse delivers a set of songs genre-neutral with the sass of a rock star blissfully unaware of the rules of the music industry. ‘Anomalies’ is fun. No, wait, its fucking fun. Ingest this music while you listen. Let it become the soundtrack to your next memory. That will make you ‘wyse’ beyond your years.

About Wyse

Harboring an emotional, and musical, intelligence that belies her young years, Portsmouth’s Wyse has succeeded in carving out a niche all of her own. As beautiful as it is cathartic, her music is impossible to pigeonhole, but then again why would you want to?

Anomalies is Wyse’s second EP, following 2018’s Switch of My Controller, and finds the Portsmouth-based songstress in a bolder, wiser and much more confident form than before. Five tracks of richly varied alt-rock, it’s Wyse making good on the promise of her earlier releases.

“Every song on this project has its own vibe, set of musical influences, and story” she explains “I wanted each song to reflect a different side of my creative personality, and achieving this whilst maintaining cohesion throughout was a brilliant challenge.”

“I am still figuring out who I am as a person and as an artist. Growing up with sexuality and gender identity struggles within a religious household, meant having a categorizable identity has never been something I’ve been able to relate to. I like the idea of being able to be flexible and dynamic with the music I make, and I don’t like to feel pigeon-holed. This EP sets me up to be able to go in whichever direction I choose next…”


And wherever, and whatever, that might be, you can guarantee that Wyse will approach it with the same sense of self-confidence and individuality she has Anomalies.