Union of Knives and Ladytron frontwoman Helen Marnie are set to release their new single and remixes titled ‘A Tall Tale’ on October 23rd.

What I take particular note in when we get a submission with multiple remixes is ‘how do the remixes differ from the original and do they add anything to the music?’. With this set of tracks, I can honestly say that is safely answered in detail. Almost to the point that they are separate songs. This is a trilogy with a reinterpretation in three parts. You may like one or all, but what you walk away with is a sense of diversity set to music and, in this day of isolation, is enough.

About ‘A Tall Tale’

The latest release from Union of Knives is the first of two collaborations with Helen Marnie the lead vocalist from the seminal UK synth-pop group Ladytron.

Her vocals both dual and blend with Anthony’s on the track as it steadily rises to a hypnotic chanted crescendo.

Helen had this to say,

‘I wanted to create a state of confusion and a feeling of being on the edge with the mantra ‘Who am I?’ But that feeling quickly disperses into something beautiful and hopeful when Anthony sings. A Tall Tale is a journey. Fare thee well.’

Anthony, Pete and Chris who currently constitute the hardcore of Union of Knives, were delighted with Helen’s contribution, as Anthony says,

‘I was hypnotized by the track when I first heard it with Helen’s ethereal vocals and delivery. I’m over the moon with this collaboration! The repetitive mantra ‘who am I’ is a question we ask ourselves every day. For me, it is like meditating while dancing.’

About Union of Knives

Union of Knives return in 2020 with their first new music in over a decade. The essence of the group as a collaboration of like minds and shared artistry remains, though the players this time round are somewhat changed from the 2006 debut “Violence and Birdsong”. Chris Gordon is once again at the hub, crafting and grafting the divergent modes that comprise the groups musical output.

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Though he lends his voice to a few of the album’s tracks, the calling to collusion which is at the core of Union of Knives work, has him joined by Anthony Thomaz (Dope Sick Fly), Peter Kelly (The Kills, Ladytron) and guesting on two stand out tracks, Helen Marnie (Ladytron).

Some initial work was already underway for the new Union of Knives music when Chris asked Anthony to lend his creativity to the seeds of ideas. The dystopian soundscape of “There’s a River” was the first of many tracks that Anthony would lend his sincere, soulful voice and presence to. Chris’ fascination with different vocal textures (exemplified on “Violence and Birdsong”) was amply rewarded by the good fortune of this trans- Atlantic encounter.

To that same end, Helen Marnie was asked by her friend and cohort Peter Kelly to work on two of the tracks. Peter was a key collaborator from “Violence and Birdsong”, a drummer of inspired talent who spent the last decade playing all corners of the globe with The Kills and Ladytron among many others.