Cloudy Clouds is set to drop his new album titled ‘Imprisoned In A Daydream’ on November 27th.

Designed as a consistent audio spectacle, ‘Imprisoned In A Dream’ has a quasi-autobiographical feel about it in the fact that it feels lived as much as recorded. Each track has its own signature sound while the lyrics and delivery have that consistent feel giving the listener a sense of being at an event.

What I love above all is the overall sense of snark delivered by Cloudy Clouds lending credence to the fact that he sees the world for what it is but observes it through his unique personality.

About Cloudy Clouds

Going against the grain and being different from the norm is always something that Cloudy Clouds has prided himself on. In a world where a lot of Rap is uniform and uninspiring this London lyricist brings colorful videos, creative concepts, and lyrics that are more than just words thrown together for the sake of a rhyme.

His new album ‘Imprisoned In A Daydream’ features his unique blend of serious observations of life mixed with his own style of humour and flair.