1. A Symphony Of Sorts Ventrelles 4:57

Ventrelles have released their new track titled ‘A Symphony of Sorts’. A bit more guitar ethereal than their previous efforts, I sense a new direction for Ventrelles in that they have been taking advantage of the downtime that the pandemic has given us all. Having said that, this is a brilliant song. A song that effortlessly blends and molds the different sounds into a coherent poem set to audio and an atmosphere meant for the stage.

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About Ventrelles & ‘A Symphony Of Sorts’

Ventrelles started in between lead singer Phil Knox (Knoxy) coming back from living in Chicago and moving home. The first line up included Deaks and Joe from The Heartbreaks rhythm section and had strings arranged by Phil Knox and Ben Parsons (Cherry Ghost and Miles Kane Band). Somewhere in between DIY Indie Pop Big Sound Council Soul Music and Post Punk Rainy day Kitchen Folk Music. The music is coming from all sorts of places. Sprinkles of Pale Fountains and Shack, Doves, Chameleons, the guitar sound of Voice of the Beehive and Blondie, La’s, Teenage Fanclub, JAMC and the Coral.

‘A Symphony Of Sorts’ is a classic modern day indie tune with jingly jangly guitars, big airy vocals and indie star status. Lead singer Knoxy oozes super cool rock n roll star appeal in this tune and despite it being a slower tune it still has all the makings of something you’d hear in an indie club.