Dana Plato is set to drop their new album ‘Wrong Quotes’ in physical form on September 16th. An audio experiment set to album, Dana Plato achieves a masterminded set of tracks that are as diverse as they are experimental. Each track is diverse enough to foil the imagination yet constructed enough to fit as an imaginative set of music. Genres collide with styles to create a concept as much as a set of songs.

About ‘Wrong Quotes’

The main ideas for “Wrong Quotes”, Dana Plato’s debut album, came from the members’ multifarious passions as musicians and listeners. The result ended up being a peculiar mixture of different musical influences. While 80s new wave, both in its darker (Sound, Wire, Sad Lovers and the Giants) and more synth-driven (Japan, Simple Minds) forms a fairly explicit thread that runs through the album’s thirteen tracks, sudden deviations are made towards seemingly distant genres, including avant-pop and electro-rock, for example. Here and there, in tracks such as “Majesty” and “Shout to the Wolf”, when the fascination with more pulsating and pressing rhythmic lines emerges, a bridge is thrown between the flavours of rock and a more dance floor-oriented mood.

The band also aims for variety by alternating between different singers (Fixx, Humpty Dumpty but also, in a couple of tracks, the Foggia singer Mariagrazia Speranza Poliseno, aka Mary Grace, former voice of the band Eau De Jazz, and Gregorsamsaéstmort, voice of The Black Veils) and between electronic drums and a real drummer, Pasquale Del Grosso.

Particular attention is also paid to the lyrics, which are intended to make a significant contribution in conveying the inspiration behind all the songs, with references to literature, art and theatre.

About Dana Plato

Dana Plato is a project formed by three musicians from Southern Italy: Alessandro Calzavara, aka Humpty Dumpty, a Sicilian musician with 20 solo albums to his credit, one of which, “Q.b” (2008), was mentioned by Rumore in its guide “Italia Sotterranea. Classics to discover. Anni zero e 10”; Giovanni Mastrangelo, aka Monster Joe, bassist and double bass player from Foggia, active in various fields of the Italian music scene, including jazz (Pasta Nera Jazz Project, Casino Babis), songwriting (Favonio), Celtic folk (The Charmin’ Elf) and ancient music (Follorum Ensemble); Gianluca Ficca, aka Fixx, who played in several bands of the so-called Neapolitan “Vesuwave” during the 1980s (Rented Flats, Young Tzarina). “Wrong Quotes” is their debut album.