Warriors Of The Dystotheque give a lesson in how diverse a song can be, with a little help from Adam Leonard (Invaderband), on their new remix package known as ‘Things In The Shadows’. The original starts off as an homage to those 80’s style alt-rock (think 120 Minutes) with a danceable beat and monstrous hook. Yet, on the Opus Klien Remix, the EDM factor kicks in full hijack mode with a sonically transparent dance club floor stomper that literally gives almost no indication of the original’s existence. Finally, with the Tronik Youth Remix, we have a more mellow, yet ethereal dreamlike state represented in a Euro Club setting that gives a smooth beat and captivates the listener like a drug. Three brilliant renditions each on their own footing.

About Warriors of the Dystotheque
Warriors of the Dystotheque are a truly modern band, existing individually across the globe and only meeting digitally to create music with a distinctly old school feel, the music grew from a love of lo-fi music and electronic DJ culture between artists spread across Ireland, France and New York, taking elements from 60’s Garage, Broken Beat, Jazz, Downtempo, Indie, Techno, Electronica, Psyche, and pretty much anything opposing the mainstream.

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Their debut album, Madness in the Method, 2018 received support across national radio including BBC Radio 6 and RTE 2fm with Dan Hegarty making it his album of the week and not forgetting all the past EP’s having had major support across BBC 6 Music, BBC R1, BBC Foyle, RTE 2, BBC Ulster, BBC Coventry, KEXP & many more.

Remixes:Tronik Youth is a name well cemented in the Acid House and Indie Dance scene and he doesn’t disappoint with this remix, Neil (TY) is also head honcho at the superb label Nein Records alongside Ian Considine who have a steady output of dance floor grooves that are never far from the dance floors of Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnson’s ALFOS and the like. OPUS KLIEN is DJ and Production duo Dave Lievense & Stephen Porter. Dave is best known for producing a host of Techno hits for the likes of Planet E, R&S, Cocoon and Tresor and touring the world under his Psycatron alias.

Stephen is known for running and holding a residency at one of Ireland’s top party collectives, Jika Jika! as well as producing under Karran & Porter and Pincer Movement alongside Bent’s Simon Mills.

“Futures, pasts, and presents. Dark visions of the unseen and almost seen. Whether you can face it or not, there are always things in the shadows… even yourself.”
– Adam Leonard