Having overcome clinical depression, ECT and the male-dominated world of extreme sports, Yajna has released the final addition and title-track to her empowering trilogy, ‘The Rising Phoenix’.

Following singles ‘You Are Beautiful’ and ‘Femenomenal’, Yajna’s newest release tells of her personal journey rising from the ashes of her lowest points, including electro-shock treatment as the result of a mentally abusive relationship and subsequent divorce, to her triumphant emergence from the fire, stronger than ever and with a message of hope, love, and power.

Growing up in a musical household with a mother who was a composer and organist, Yajna started writing music at an early age and performed frequently in the church as part of the choir. As a teenager Yajna embarked on a snowboarding career, later becoming an entrepreneur and event producer in the action sports scene, producing events for women by women with her company INACTION. Through the years she has continued to build successful companies as well as within the film industry, remaining active in the action sports scene.

After significant radio success in her homeland, Yajna found her own sound, an epic and dreamy mix of soul and RnB and chose London as her base, having fallen in love with a city she now calls her second home after it allowed her to spread her wings as an artist creatively.