Bedroom, aka Noah Kittinger, drops his new video for his single titled ‘Gulf’. Noah has an ear for that subtle emotion within our hearts that we sometimes like to project but always want to protect. That penchant for conveying one’s inner self is prevalent in ‘Gulf’. His quiet vocals accompanied with an underlying guitar track and quiet electronic orchestral movements utilize the ‘less is more’ approach in such a beautiful way that the song really gives credence to the music.

About Bedroom

Bedroom is the work of singer-songwriter & producer Noah Kittinger. Beginning as a recording project when Kittinger was just 16, his releases under the moniker are characterized by honest songwriting coupled with catchy hooks, beautiful melodic sensibility, and a memorable homemade sound.

Kittinger began a steady stream of releases in 2012 with the Toys EP. Vivid, a mixtape featuring rough ideas and works in progress, followed later that year. These early works garnered praise from several media outlets and began the growth of a dedicated fanbase.

Bedroom’s first full-length LP, Grow, was made during a time of transition in Kittinger’s life. Written and recorded at the age of 17, and released in 2014 when Kittinger turned 18. The album cataloged Kittinger’s experiences with his own growth into adulthood. After the release of Grow, Kittinger took the project on the road, embarking on his first DIY tour.

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After returning from the tour, and a year after the release of Grow, Bedroom went on hiatus as Kittinger took a step back from the project. He remained busy, working on new songs under his own name and released an EP, Bloom. Bloom showed growth from Kittinger’s earlier work with Bedroom, exploring electronic influences with samples and new production techniques.

In 2018 Kittinger continued to tour, playing songs from Bedroom and Bloom, packing out venues with new and old fans on his first West Coast tour. In early 2019, Kittinger officially announced the return of Bedroom and promised new music from the project in 2019.

In May of 2019, Kittinger released “Count to Five” – the first we’ve heard of the project since the summer of 2015. A step into a different direction with newfound collaborator Paul Kintzing.