Art Mulcahy officially releases his video for the upcoming track titled ‘Thunder Road’. Now, just when I thought Art was a Country-based artist he goes and makes me a f*cking liar with this. Having said that; I LOVE IT!!! Holy sh*t is this guitar thick! This is ‘Schecter-porn’. Art’s country roots are still evident yet, mixing it with hard edges like this, it works and fits perfectly. This is a crossover hit for fans of either genre.

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About Art Mulcahy

Country Rock Artist and former United States Marine, Art Mulcahy’s full-length album was underway when he told his Los Angeles based producer / mixer Jonathan Smith [a.k.a. TheRealJonSmith] he had written a new song called “Thunder Road”. Art explained to Jonathan that he was inspired by the Northern California biker magazine ‘Thunder Roads’. “The song was perfect for the album because it fit the hard rockin’ California country feel of most of the other songs on the album. I loved producing, mixing, and also playing drums and various instruments on this whole project.” recalls Jonathan

Getting the video made for “Thunder Road” [and the video for the debut single “Together We Survive” simultaneously] under present world events, was no easy task. Producer, TheRealJonSmith was able to call in favors and leverage various relationships to pull these videos together. Help came from Art’s Los Angeles based record label Native South Records, Eisley Creative Co., Ieva Georges of Calabasas PR, and financial support from investors.

One particular turn of events in filming the “Thunder Road” Official Music Video was an off-the-cuff offer made by a pal of producer TheRealJonSmith. The friend, also a fellow Harley Davidson rider, offered his motorcycle club brothers as riders and their clubhouse as a venue for the video. Sons of Anarchy style. Unreal. Live performances of the band portion of the video were captured in a huge old quonset hut in downtown Los Angeles. There was no A/C in the hut, in the middle of Summer. The temperature had to be two hundred degrees, in retrospect.

The Official Music Video for “Thunder Road” is released as of September 24, 2021. The video will precede the radio single release and is the follow up to the first single and video release “Together We Survive” from Art Mulcahy’s forthcoming Full-Length Album entitled ‘How My Country Sounds’ on Native South Records.