1. Trust Wide Room 0:30
  2. Horizon Wide Room 0:29
  3. Hadron Wide Room 0:30
  4. Unengaged Wide Room 0:30
  5. SIOTM Wide Room 0:30
  6. Ashes Wide Room 0:30
  7. Glass Wide Room 0:30
  8. Wash Wide Room 0:30
  9. Korona Wide Room 0:30
  10. Afterglow Wide Room 0:30
  11. Innerverse Wide Room 0:30
  12. Aureole Wide Room 0:30
  13. Hadron (Acoustic Version) Wide Room 0:30

Wide Room has released their new album titled ‘Hadron’. Coming off as a concept on that initial listen, I find that there is more here. This is a virtuosic symphony of music that is as much a true musical cacophony as it is a love letter to musicianship. Beautiful and lucid, Hadron ‘collides with our mind through the collider that is our ears.

About White Room

From passionate eruptions to calm moments of reflection, the music of Wide Room takes the listener on an introspective journey to experience an understanding of our existence as a creation of God. With distinctive and poignant vocals ranging from ethereal to abrasive, progressive drum grooves, driving bass lines and intricate layers of electric guitar, there is not a shadow of doubt that alternative rock is alive and well. While the energetic passages never lose control and the quiet sections in between feel like a warm embrace, there is a palpable electricity unifying every minute to a transcending whole. The band recorded and self-released their debut EP Abalone in 2014 with the title track finding widespread resonance on YouTube.

Since then, Wide Room honed their craft in live performances and prepared for the recording of their follow up album named Hadron. The band moved away from the jam based approach in songwriting that defined the Abalone EP to primarily songwriting efforts by singer / guitarist Micha Blatter, which led to the creation of more introspective and focused songs without losing the organic feel of the music. Following the departure of bassist Nicolas Brodmann during the recording of the first few songs of the new album, the line up of Wide Room along with Micha now consists of guitarist Sascha Lackner, drummer Marco Döbeli and guitarist Sven Egloff (Khaldera, Cyte) who joined in the mixing stage of the project. New ways were tread in the creation of the Hadron Album with Micha (vocals, guitars, bass, mixing) and Sascha (guitars) recording all of the instruments besides drums, and sharing mixing duties with Forrester Savell while the mastering was done by Dan Suter (Echochamber Switzerland) giving rise to a polished and pure sound.

Lyrically, the album explores the forces of God the creator that holds people and spirits together within, analogous to the strong nuclear forces that act between the Hadron particles. The music reflects the spiritual warfare that wages inside us all between the strive for goodness, wisdom and righteousness against selfishness, greed and resentment. Coinciding with the launch of the Hadron album is a unique concept of releasing videos of alternative live version of the album’s songs on the band’s official website and YouTube. Furthermore, each of the album’s songs is accompanied by a perfectly fitting individual artwork and video work by the bands long time friend Elia Marinucci thereby augmenting and complementing Hadron to a multisensory experience.