Astral Tide is taking it to the next level with the video for their new single titled “Cold Dark”.  As we mentioned in our review of the song itself, it’s “A total assault on the aural cavities, “Cold Dark” is relentless in its execution and unrelenting in its provocation by giving the fan an unforgiving glimpse into the true talent that is all things Astral right before they turn you into said fan.”

The video is very stark and minimalistically visual. Almost in a noir type of way. And, in an obscure way, totally fits the song in an almost “David Lynchian” way.

Astral Tide has always been a very haunting yet powerful act with all of their music but “Cold Dark” is one of those tracks that tries very little to evoke those guttural emotions within us all by relying on the most primal urges in us all and translating them through dirty melody and sheer drive. Bravo!


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Astral Tide are:
Matthew Potter
Jonas Duus
Mark Yeoman
Martino Mostacci