Avi Mack has today released his new single and video titled ‘Something’. If soul is the goal Avi performs a hat trick with this splendid combination of pop and smooth beat. With a concentration on the melody, Avi shows he knows how to write a memorable song yet make that memory something enjoyable and long lasting.

“Something” comes from Avi Mack’s upcoming EP ‘Maybe Never’, due out October 15.

About Avi Mack

Playing with pop sensibilities, while maintaining an alternative edge, Avi Mack holds his own space in a world where every artist is trying to stand out. His music manages to carve itself a hole, while being unapologetically pop, is filled with substance. Texas born, Canadian raised and a South African local, he delivers a unique perspective on the world.

While always pushing into contemporary social issues, his music is driven by a juxtaposition of personal experience as well as a deeper thought process of personal growth. With tight production and catchy hooks, Avi Mack delivers emotional melodies to create a happy sort of melancholy. His music can masquerade as simple, while its textured and intrinsic engagement with a much deeper issue keeps you listening to each detail of the production.

About ‘Maybe Never’

South Africa based indie pop artist Avi Mack has announced a brand new EP ‘Maybe Never’, by sharing the first single “Something”. ‘Maybe Never’ is expected to arrive on October 15, 2021 via Self-release.

You know that feeling when you first meet the one? Where you feel that connection, a type of feeling you can’t really put your finger on, but you know it’s there? Avi Mack knows this feeling pretty well, and he perfectly captures all the thrilling emotions that come along with it in his new single “Something”. Even when nervous feelings and overthinking can trip someone up when they’re interested in someone, there’s no way to get away from that person, no matter how much you try.

An upbeat bassline, Michael Jackson style drum beat and sparkling rhythm guitars pulls listeners into a feel-good space that’s easy to dance to.

'Maybe Never' cover.
‘Maybe Never’ cover.
‘Maybe Never’ Tracklist
  1. An Introduction To Meta – Ethics
  2. By Your Side
  3. Maybe Never
  4. Open/Close
  5. Something