They say that creativity is timeless. And they are right. However, you can attach an anniversary to it. And that is exactly what Bentley Jones has done. Ten years, to be exact. It is ten years ago that Bentley began his official musical journey. And, just recently, performed on Japan nationally broadcasted show titled ‘Nodojiman The World!‘. Since then we have seen Bentley transform into a confident, multi-talented artist in the truest sense of the form. He has also done what most artist only try to do; he has turned himself into a brand. Now, that is not a bad thing in the slightest. What I mean by this is that he has placed his music, his likeness, his craft, into the psyche of a great many people around the world. His music and videos become part of that individual lexicon of future memories and musical soundtracks etched into the minds of those who appreciate it.

And now, he has given a multimedia thank you in the form of his Japanese original track and video titled ‘Lay Down On My Heart’. The song captures his appreciation and determination with a slick and originally creative mix of electronic beats, subtle sensuality, and tight hooks layered over sonic brilliance.

Here is to another ten years!

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‘To begin celebrating my 10th anniversary and my performance on “Nodojiman The World!” my new single is a brand new Japanese original!! So much work has gone into both this song and this video… ^^” I’m so proud and so grateful for everyone’s efforts on this project. I feel this is going to be the start of an incredible 10th anniversary year… (~.^)’
– Bentley Jones

Video produced by Bentley Jones / Remix Factory Media.
Tokyo cinematography by Yoji Teramae –
Choreography by Ashlyn Brenan – @ashlynbrennan27
Consultancy by Natsue Ishimoto and Miskaki Inoue
Location consultancy by 鷲見直子, Kimika Sato, Hiroko Hayakawa, and Toko Kawamukai
Special thanks to Emiko Chai and, of course, Peppy-chan
“Lay Down on My Heart” written by Luz Fonte and Bentley Jones.
“Lay Down on My Heart” production and arrangement by Bentley Jones.
©℗ Remix Factory Music 2018. All rights reserved.