Bleeder (a.k.a. Shelby Smoak) has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Swallowing Sound’. Drenched in soundscape and awash in vibrant colors, the video is the perfect soulmate for a track pulling one’s self out of whatever dark place you may reside and surrounds you with that feeling that resides between love, hop, and action. I don’t know what its called, but its that feeling that lasts a mere second or two right after realization that finds the strength and hands it to you. We all have it. But some of don’t use it. ‘Swallowing Sound’ is the audio catalyst of that. That vivid moment set to song with cascading guitars, banging drums, and vocals that, together, fill your speakers, close your eyes, and open your mind.

About Bleeder & ‘Swallowing Sound’

Bleeder’s Shelby Smoak is no stranger to creating art amidst health scares; dealing with hemophilia and an HIV-positive diagnosis, Smoak channeled his situation into a memoir, Bleeder, released in 2013. After a warm reception, Smoak felt the exploration on the subject wasn’t complete, leading to take on songwriting to “articulate the inarticulate.”

Following his 2017 self-titled debut as Bleeder, this July’s Crisis EP comes as a continued document of his health journey as well as a commentary on the COVID-19 age. Crisis’ lead single, “Swallowing Sound,” is a sonically massive testament to that, pulling Smoak’s penchant for grandiose shoegaze while finding meaning and faith in the darkness of 2020.