Blonder, a.k.a. Constantine Anastasakis, officially drops the new video for the single titled ‘Glue’. I hope this is a sneak preview of the ‘Crystal Ball’ EP because this is refreshing as well as just plain fun. Directed by Hunter Airheart, the video for ‘Glue’ is a joyful peek into the musical mentality of what is Blonder. The subtle mix of synth, guitar, and beat played with the visuals of a groovy day at the park full of self-journey just has that certain something of a feel that says ‘ I want to feel like this’ without being specific as to what that is. When a song, or a video, give you a feeling, it’s a future classic.

About Blonder

Blonder’s third release, the Crystal Ball EP, sees Constantine Anastasakis returning to a more pop-oriented sound while simultaneously foraying into the psych-rock world & utilizing certain tropes to create the most immersive batch of songs Blonder has released yet.

Blonder enlisted frequent collaborator and producer Aaron Maine (Porches) and Waylon Rector (LA session player: Phoebe Bridgers, Talk in Tongues, A.G. Cook) to help bridge modern production techniques and to add a more psych rock-tinged approach to pop songwriting.

Recorded in Chinatown, Brooklyn and Long Island, NY, and mixed by Justin Gerrish (Vampire Weekend) and Erin Tonkon (David Bowie’s Blackstar), the Crystal Ball EP sees Blonder leaving the 70’s studio vibe of his past release and returning to his pop-inflected origins- this time with a renewed sense of confidence.

The EP was partly influenced by a New Year celebration on LSD; a first-time, safe & low dose helped produce a chapter turning experience where mid-late career Beach Boys and Beatles began to make sense. This led to the epiphany that Constantine wanted to start experimenting more with psych-rock elements to make his collection of music more of an immersive experience.

The 6 songs on the Crystal Ball EP deal with themes of sobriety, substance abuse, romantic musings, and a critique on the notion of a “career” in music. The record features additional production by Joey Valley of New York outfit, Wet, and guest vocals from The Voice winner Chloe MK.