Destijl will release their new album titled ‘Greatest Hits Vol 2’ on April 16, 2020. Formed in 1995 by Mancunian John Cleary and his French pal Pascal DeStijl, DeStijl released their acclaimed debut album in 1997, followed by another in 1999, when Patrice Robert replaced John as a guitarist before a ten-year hiatus.

After the 10 year break, Pascal reformed DeStijl with a new line-up in 2011 releasing the concept album ‘The White Stripes’.

In late 2012, the band recorded their follow-up album with Chameleons and I am Kloot guitarist Yves Altana producing it. DeStijl then invited Joy Division/New Order former bass player Peter Hook to play and former Happy Mondays backing singer Julie Gordon to perform backing vocals on the new album ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’.

A few more years pass by and it’s now 2015 and the band records another new album, titled ‘Debut’ featuring Mancunian stalwart Monica Ward on vocals with Julie Gordon and Louise Turner on backing vocals. The album was mixed in LA by former Black Grape member Danny Saber.

This brings us to 2019 and the band has been recording at Eve Studio in Stockport where they hired Jim Spencer (New Order, Electronic, The Charlatans) to mix the 10 brand new tracks. This time, they invited Kermit (Black Grape), Liam Croker (Winachi Tribe), Rikki Turner (San Pedro Collective/Paris Angels) and Scott Jeffreys as lead vocalists. Scott has now become a full-time member on stage. To complete the new line-up, they’ve also hired Jason Nut Coverdale as their new drummer. DeStijl is now back in Manchester where it all started and this is their brilliant new album ‘Greatest Hits Vol.2’ which isn’t actually a Greatest Hits Vol.2 they just liked the title, this is, after all, Manchester and we do things differently here!