C Montana has released his new video for the track titled ‘Boss Is Back’. Like a boss with the attitude of a banger, C Montana announces like a bomb his arrival and intention to stay with earth shattering bass and soul crushing intention. Learn. Listen. Recognize.

About C Montana

When you talk about hard-hitting rappers in the UK, C Montana has to be mentioned. This London based rapper is quickly solidifying his name next to the greats of the UK scene. His latest single ‘Boss Is Back’ gives us a glimpse into the trials and tribulations of his exciting lifestyle. The energetic drill infused track, produced by world renowned producer ‘Chris Rich’, displays C Montana’s ability to paint a vivid tail of his numerous street escapades.

The high intensity drill banger ‘Boss Is Back’, which was premiered by renowned BBC 1Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy, sets the tone for the momentum C Montana is building for the rest of this year. The flashy, compelling visuals is directed by ETIM and compliments the rugged delivery of the vocals on this track. With ‘Boss Is Back’ setting the pace, C Montana is set to continue his trend of explosive, well received releases, via his forthcoming mixtape ‘Never Give Up’.

This project ‘Never Give Up’, alongside lead track ‘Boss Is Back’, epitomises the feeling of constantly pushing forward despite what may come your way. With a mixture of energetic, club ready anthems and story lead, emotional hood ballads, C Montana does not miss a beat. His love for the craft is clearly apparent with the comfortable display of metaphors, similes and all the other pillars of rap.

As a renowned participant of DJ Kenny Allstars ‘Voice of the Streets’ for BBC 1Xtra, we have seen the motivated rapper rack up millions of views. His debut video ‘Drug Dealer’ sent shockwaves throughout the rap community, and sitting at just under 2 million YouTube views it continues to illustrate just how much the rappers following continues to expand!

It’s clear that C Montana is ready to deliver what his supporters need! After an eventful 2020 he seems to be heading full steam ahead and smashing all expectations. Tapping in to the all to familiar feeling of isolation, whether it’s due to Covid or being incarcerated, the subject is crucial to the heartbeat of this project. C Montana tells us “I wanted to release ‘Never give up’ as a way to motivate people not to let their Ls defeat them as well as give them a vibe to bump in their cars now that we are allowed out”. As we are given insight and go deeper into what’s really behind the London rapper’s lifestyle, we also get to enjoy the lavish, luxurious feeling that C Montana is renowned for. ‘Boss Is Back’ is going to be a timeless UK rap classic that will be used as a shining example of the growth of the UK music scene.