Cheridomingo hit their mark with their new video titled ‘Makeup’. The music highlights the undertone of the song and that is that feeling you get when you feel like you just can’t go on anymore. That is a feeling we all get at times in our lives. I have that feeling myself sometimes, even now. But we go on. We have to. We go on for those around us and for people who depend on us. But we also go on for that person we most often overlook or completely forget about; ourselves. Sometimes music is the best way to get an important message across.

About Cheridomingo:
Cheridomingo is a 4-piece indie rock band founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2016. The band is composed of (lead singer) Anthony Avina, (guitarist) Adam Dobrucki, (bassist) Alex Gonzalez, and (drummer) Chrys Kaplan. Born from a group of friend’s mutual love of creating meaningful music, they are known for their passionate performances mixing intense and emotional melodies with anxiety-driven lyrics that leave listeners feeling inspired by a sense of community and togetherness.

SOURCE: Official Bio

“‘Makeup’ is about the feeling of not wanting to try anymore and just feeling exhausted. Not a depressed exhaustion – more like a physical, aching one. I was going through a wave of it when I wrote it, and the image of someone coming home and falling on their bed, dead tired, and passed out with all their makeup on was just so clear.”
– Vocalist Anthony Avina