With a steady raucous beat and a driving rhythm saturated in the hook, Dar.Ra gives a uniquely original and powerful ode to the #indie in the form ode his new single and video titled ‘Phenomenal’. This track is anthemic in nature and will stick in your head long after the video is a memory. An absolute must-have for the secretly trendy and the introvertively hip.

About Dar.Ra
Born in Dublin, Ireland, Darragh J Brady – AKA Dar.Ra has been in the music industry for a while with hits in the UK and Australia, signed to EMI, Festival and various dance labels over the years, remixing Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears 4 Fears, Savage Garden, and writing for Rachel Brown (Faithless, Groove Armada) plus having music on various Hollywood films like ‘Snakes on Planes’ films starring Hilary Duff on ABC TV, Match Of Day (BBC TV) and US Documentary City Of Hope.

He grew up in Brighton and London and his first solo album Soul Hours was released in 2010 made album of the week of Spain’s Heart FM, as well as receiving support from BBC Radio, playing to over 1 million people on air within one live show.

Also an author, Dar.Ra has a book available called ‘Road Tales’ which has been getting brilliant reviews and is based on people Dar.Ra met while being the road from the late 1990’s to 2008.

On Phenomenal, Dar.Ra says –

“The track is about single mothers and the sacrifice they make to keep everything going, a roof over their heads and food on the table. It’s a tribute to them and my own Mum who brought me and my brother up on her own and worked herself to the point of exhaustion to do it. God bless them all”.

The forthcoming album (2019) titled ‘Planet X’ is a unique blend of rock energy and soulful melodies crossing boundaries from those genres plus visiting the world of reggae and country and world music soundscapes. The sound is heavyweight, tight and never lets you down for a second.

Themes on the album include; strong single mothers on the lead single track ‘Phenomenal’, losing people you love way too soon on a track called ‘Rewind’, world insecurities on ‘Heavier Than Rock n Roll’, and love being your drug of choice on ‘Heart Shaped Pill’.

Dar.Ra is a really unique songwriter, producer and author who makes an amazing blend of rock and soul Music
(21st Artists Hollywood)

“Highly impressive”
(Planet Earth Radio USA)

Dar.Ra is an incredible act to follow as he is always evolving on each song with incredible results
(Indie People USA)

Dar.Ra infuses layers of vocals and instrumentation into each record he makes. The genius of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles, came to mind while listening to “Phenomenal”, “Back To The Brink” and “Heart Shape Pill”
(Tune Loud Magazine USA)