Diamond Shake today releases his new video for the track titled ‘Lose Someone’. Continuing the stellar collaboration with French animator Dominique Bloink, ‘Lose Someone’ continues the video series with a focus on social distancing and COVID. A slightly more subdued track and a more precisely storied animation, ‘Lose Someone’ delves via emotion and conviction and delivers that trademark solid Diamond Shake songwriting while sounding full of life with a ray of hope amid the introversion. Beautiful.

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About Diamond Shake

As discussions on mental health, addiction, and immigration in America continue to gain prominent, nuanced coverage on cable news, Diamond Shake mastermind Matthew Hitchens has lived at the epicenter of all three hot button issues for the past fifteen years.

Growing up in London and playing in bands through his teens, Hitchens moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue a solo music career. After a few failed projects, missed auditions, personal struggles, and a particularly bad visa experience, he decided to stop relying on other people and make the album that faced his demons head-on. From Method To Madness arrived with bluesy aplomb in late 2019, balancing Hitchens’ most candid lyrics to date about mental health. In late 2020, Hitchens celebrated the album’s 1st anniversary by launching a video series with dazzling visual accompaniment for all ten songs by French animator Dominique Bloink.

About ‘Lose Someone’

The series continues into 2021 with his latest, “Lose Someone,” which finds connection in Hitchens’ struggle with immigration and social distancing. “[The song] is about me moving from the UK to LA and having to leave behind people that I cared about in order to give myself a chance at the life I wanted,” says Hitchens. “When coming up with ideas for the video, the lyrics about loss just seemed to fit around COVID.”

“Matt came to me with an idea for a COVID-themed video, something to show how this health crisis is affecting us emotionally, mentally, and medically,” Bloink adds. “It’s a universal struggle we’re all experiencing despite how divided we may feel in these times.”