Diamond Shake continues his momentum with the release of the fourth video in his series titled ‘Shake’. Continuing his video partnership with French animator Dominique Bloink, the visualization and integrity of style are maintained with brilliance and the marriage of panache and originality are excelled with the dark beauty of the video and the emotional grit of the song. Almost its own undefinable thing, ‘Shake’ becomes it’s own in such a way that you find out who did what, if you don’t know who this is, just to see who could come up with such a thing. Let this sink into your memory.

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About Diamond Shake & ‘Shake’

As discussions on mental health, addiction, and immigration in America gain more prominent, nuanced coverage on cable news, Diamond Shake mastermind Matthew Hitchens has lived at the epicenter of all three hot button issues for the past fifteen years.

Growing up in London and playing in bands through his teens, Hitchens moved to Los Angeles seven years ago to pursue a solo music career. After a few failed projects, missed auditions, personal struggles, and a particularly bad visa experience, he decided to stop relying on other people and make the album that faced his demons head-on.

“It’s all about my mental health problems like depression, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, and addiction,” Hitchens says of From Method To Madness, his debut as Diamond Shake. “Each song is about a different one of those issues while also telling the story of making and releasing the album, ultimately ending in failure.”

Dour as that might seem, From Method To Madness (which came out in November of 2019) arrived with bluesy aplomb and Hitchens’ most candid lyrics to date about mental health. Considering every song on the album aims for the rafters with cinematic ambition, Madness practically lent itself to a visual accompaniment for all ten songs, which Hitchens has been working on with French animator Dominique Bloink.

“Shake” marks the fourth video in the visual series, which will continue throughout 2020.