Dolfiin Alexander has today released his new video for the track titled ‘High Noon’. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I feel that a good piece of music can be worth a million with only a few words. ‘High Noon delivers that guttural feeling that is left to interpretation rather than expectation. Having said that, this is a song that you can feel. If you give it a chance. That introverted splendor that warms the soul and could even cool the spirit with a much needed tear in your eye. This is a piece of art you feel.

About Dolfiin Alexander

Gentle and intimate, the music of Dolfiin Alexander, a Northern California native Paolo Mancasola, drives at an inner sense of calm. With his light finger picking, soothing vocal delivery, and seamless use of ambient textures for embellishment, every song he writes seems to immerse listeners in a sort of meditative experience, as though they are sitting in the room with him.

The calm is far from hollow, and the intimacy captured by the artist allows listeners to tap into the vast array of emotions expressed through his music. Some of them are tied to a sense of nostalgia for his birthplace, with his lyrics walking us through his memory-bank. Other times they are tied to something more immediate, capturing the sensory experience of simply being present with him in his life.

The themes of his first record, RAINBOW DAYS, remain tied to these mellow and melodic roots, but the production elements begin to veer into more abstract territory, capturing the expression of his consciousness with an even greater nuance. For fans of intimate confessional indie rock, the album is a can’t miss.