His His has released his new album titled ‘Garden Songs’. An introverted look into the life of a musical poet, His His captures those moments that made him who he is and sends them into the world as he enters a new personal phase in his own life, while relating to us all in this time of transition.

About ‘Garden Songs’

My nostalgic debut EP, Garden Songs, centres around saudade – the Portuguese word for melancholy, longing, and sadness. It signifies a return home to my family’s farm from life in the city.

In the springtime, there’s always a wall of lilacs that surrounds a part of the house and one of the first things I did when I got home was dry a little bunch of them. “Dried Lilacs,” off of the EP, was written from the perspective of looking in from the outside at my household, feeling distanced after being away for a long time.

Spending time at home with my family, friends, working on the property, and missing loved ones, are all what inspired Garden Songs. I hope you enjoy these different narratives, either from my perspective or that of a family member.

His His