Earthset returns with the final installment of their ‘sessions’ trilogy’ (the first to being Flush & In the Pendant) with ‘Around The Head’. Recorded live at Fonoprint Studios in Bologna, Italy, Earthset further proves that their songs were meant to be listened to by the band in a live setting. There are so many more layers of the songs, in this case ‘Around The Head’, that expose themselves in a way that simply can’t be heard in a studio recording. The song has a much fuller, denser tone and a thicker feel in a way that demands that Earthset are at home on the stage.

About Earthset
After a demo EP in 2013 and two years spent playing ’round northern Italy, Earthset has released their debut album “In a State of Altered Unconsciousness”. The album was recorded live in three days at Fonoprint Studios by Enrico Capalbo and produced by Carlo Marrone and Earthset. The first single “So What?” is an energetic, melodic number backed by an infectious beat and a crunchy guitar attack making it one of the most promising tracks to come out of the Italian indie rock scene.