I have been wanting to see the Italian musical juggernaut known as Earthset for a few years now. Their songs always have an originality that most bands do no totally have, but these guys pull it off effortlessly. And now, my dream comes true, in a sense, with two live studio videos and a third on the way! These two live videos (in the studio) feature their tracks ‘Flush’ and ‘In the Pendant”. As I have heard ‘Flush before (We reviewed it HERE), it’s awesome to see the song done in a live setting, as you would hear it at a show. That alone adds a new dynamic to ‘Flush’ and an ambiance that only professional musicians can add to their own work. “In the Pendant” gives an original style of presentation in its own live setting that further shows the diversity of Earthset lending to the fact that this band likes to have fun on stage.

About Earthset
After a demo EP in 2013 and two years spent playing ’round northern Italy, Earthset has released their debut album “In a State of Altered Unconsciousness”. The album was recorded live in three days at Fonoprint Studios by Enrico Capalbo and produced by Carlo Marrone and Earthset. The first single “So What?” is an energetic, melodic number backed by an infectious beat and a crunchy guitar attack making it one of the most promising tracks to come out of the Italian indie rock scene.