I’ll just come out and say it: Ennie Loud is a power trio in the truest form. Period. Just listen to their new track and watch their new video titled ‘In My Room’. This song is infectious to the core. The groove is a monster that breaks through your speakers in such a way that I find it a disservice that most of us listen through earbuds and their phones nowadays. This song is a sound system song all the way. Everything fits right into place between the rhythm and the hook such that I got caught grooving to the track by a few of my fellow Jammer employees and right now I am being humorously imitated in the break room.

About ‘In My Room’
“‘In My Room’ is not about a material space, it’s a song of freedom. It’s about a dimension where you can find the input to create art. It is about Wood Green – the place that has adopted us and where we have chosen to live and produce music.” EnnieLoud

A love song to the multiculturalism and many-faceted lives playing out in the North London neighbourhood in which the band are based, EnnieLoud’s ‘In My Room’ takes an appropriately diverse path to its beautiful realisation, blending Motown, trip-hop, psychedelia and clubland dynamics. The band purposely researched the stylings of legendary singers such as Aretha Franklin and Erykah Badu (check out Cassandra’s incredible vocal performance), the ambient grooves of electronic pioneers Portishead and Goldfrapp and the technical tricks and treats used by live DJs – drum and bass filters, synth arpeggiators, samples. To help forge this ambient pop gem, EnnielLoud employed producer Francesco Cataldo, and ‘In My Room’ was mixed to perfection in the USA by Grammy-nominated songwriter and engineer Beau Vallis (Kelly Rowland, Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dog).

Also celebrating the all-human-life environs of N22, the video to ‘In My Room’ – directed and produced by the Parisian artist and film-maker Welcome X, alias Ben Kitoko – was shot on the district’s streets as well as the area’s arts hotel/social enterprise the Green Rooms Hotel. It is, as the band explain, “like a mini-documentary: the people, culture, traditions, faces, colours, contamination – and the life of an emerging band in the north of London. The concept is to be where you want to be, and express your art.”

About EnnieLoud
A trio of musical innovators from various compass points, EnnieLoud coalesced and crafted their alt-soul sonics in the hugely diverse north London neighbourhood of Wood Green, a cultural melting pot if ever there was, something that’s of huge significance in shaping the EnnieLoud sound. Street-dancing singer/songwriter Cassandra, whose vocal delivery can be likened to an Afropunk take on neo-soul, fronts a dexterous musical pairing of Berlin producer and DJ Beeoff alongside gifted multi-instrumentalist Ross.

An international venture, EnnieLoud have been busy earning international acclaim. The band co-wrote ‘My Faults’ with top Italian DJ Vincenzo Callea, subsequently remixed by Grammy award-winning producer Yoad Nevo (Goldfrapp, Sia, Moby). The single was released in Germany and Italy, where it made national radio playlists, and impacted across Europe from France to the UK to Greece and Russia. Its video won the ‘Best Video Clip’ award at the 2018 New York City International Films Infest Festival and was a finalist at the Los Angeles CineFest 2018.

Onwards into 2019 and EnnieLoud are aiming to build on these global impressions, commencing with the release of their debut standalone single ‘In My Room’ on the Leave Music label. But like all good wanderers, here is a band who will never forget where they were formed, and their growing London following can expect no let-up in the band’s memorable live shows across the capital, which have included a number of Sofar Sounds sessions. EnnieLoud: from London, and of London, with love.

SOURCE: Official Bio