Skumlove drops a dirty dark ditty with their new track titled ‘Filthy’ This song is a somber soliloquy given the recent passing of guitarist Garrison Fagro. ‘Filthy’, however, is the perfect track in which the guitarist can leave us with as it is a cathartic mix of heavy, thick, and brooding guitars combined with rebellious vocals atop a solid rhythm section that marches like an invading army. Do not think of Skumlove as simply as a dark metal band. There is a lot of emotion and angst poetically represented within the track with a beautiful and almost lightly orchestral bridge that really splits the song into two distinct parts, proving that when originality and creativity collide in such a way it becomes ‘Filthy’.

About Skumlove
The song is produced by Roman Marisak and mastered by Maor Applbaum. With hard-hitting drums, dark orchestrated accompaniments and powerful vocals, this song has been brewing since Skumlove’s inception… and well worth the wait.

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“Filthy was one of the first songs I ever wrote but each time it came up to play live or to record, it just did not feel right and was put on the back burner. Filthy was meant to be on our last album ‘Sinister Minister’, but for some reason, it was lost in the mix and only to be found again last year when we began recording again. We started from scratch with the full band involved, It was meant to be…this was Garrison’s swan song, he would be proud.”

On June 8th, longtime guitar player and friend, Garrison Fagro passed away from diabetes complications. Fagro recorded this track weeks before he was induced into a coma and ultimately passed on. “FILTHY” is his last piece of music. Whilst dealing with tragedy, “FILTHY” has served as a cathartic endeavor and taken on a life of its own.

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With the release of “Filthy,” Skumlove has completely elevated his game as the devil’s emcee. This hybrid electro/industrial rock is a unique tapestry of sonic madness that pays homage to the 90’s industrial rock scene and punches it in the face and just doesn’t give a fuck! I say, crank this shit, and take a shower after.”
– Tyler Bates (Composer for 300, Sucker Punch, John Wick and Producer/guitarist for Marilyn Manson)

“This is exactly how, some kick ass sleazy rock sh*t is supposed to sound. Vocals sound raw and dirty. These guys keep getting better every time. Looking forward to hearing what comes next.”
– Jay Gordon (Orgy)

“The new track “Filthy” shows how Skumlove has grown into their own sound of sonic debauchery. With the production skills of Roman Marisak, Skumlove cannot be f*cked with. Watch out!”
– Burton C. Bell ( Ascension of the Watchers, Fear Factory)

“Really digging this heavy groove track by Skumlove. Catchy hook with atmospheric electronics. Badass song all around.”
– Sin Quirin (Ministry, 3 Headed Snake)

“Amazing new and improved Skumlove! Sounds killer & Very exciting!”
-Tommy Victor (Prong, Danzig)

Skum love holds the crown as being the filthiest when it comes to combining industrial-and metal mixed with uniquely aggressive electronic sounds topped with satanic perverted lyrics. Filthiest at is finest.
– Dino Cazares (Fear Factory, Asesino)