Hongza has today premiered his new video for the track titled ‘Dream, Sleep, Eat’. That first look gives the impression that, visually, this is a stunning video. And it really is. The animation is amazing. It has it’s own style. But what got me to stay was the song. This is a brilliant mix of rock, alt, and pop, in all of the right degrees. Hongza has that perfect voice for this song. That tells me he has found his sound. And that is almost impossible for an artist as new as Hongza. But here he is. And he is here to stay.

About Hongza

Behind the nickname ‘Hongza’ stands singer, songwriter Sam Hong who grew up in North London in a Vietnamese household where his pursuit of music as a profession has been frowned upon. However, being rejected by his inner circle has only fueled his passion for music and desire to follow his dream. Hongza previously fronted shoegaze band DAZE till 2018 sharing stages with the likes of Cassia, Larkins, Judas. Keen to embark on a new chapter, Hongza returns as a solo alternative artist determined to reignite the worlds of indie, pop, and shoegaze.

About ‘Dream, Sleep, Eat’

The release of debut single and lockdown anthem ‘Accolades’ taken from Hongza’s forthcoming EP Gen Z out this May received a spin from Amazing Radio’s Charlie Ashcroft as well as coverage from the likes of Intune Music landing ‘Track of the Day’, Indietronica, and Clout Magazine, the indie star is back with sophomore single ‘Dream Eat Sleep’. Having seen his influencer career takeoff since the start of lockdown, Hongza’s new EP taps into the highs and lows of maintaining an online persona during the digital age as well as the pressures faced by ‘Gen Z’ kids more generally.

Pioneered by cathartic vocals and underpinned by a hypnotic bassline, ‘Dream Eat Sleep’ is an explosive ode to the trials and tribulations of dating in the 21st Century, particularly how exhausting being caught up in ‘finding the one’ through superficial encounters on dating apps can be. Hongza constructs a dynamic backdrop blending both the indie genre’s warmth and shoegazes’ darker waves of angst.

”I wrote this song at a point in my life where I was dating a lot & using dating apps a lot. At the time I never made the jump into relationships because I had this app on my phone with an endless sea of people I could meet with the potential of them ‘being the one’. I’d date, get to know someone, not find that spark between us, feel guilty for upsetting them, get depressed from not finding the one & do it all over again. I guess the song is about the cycle of online dating”, says Hongza.