Addison Clapp has today premiered his new album titled ‘A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard’ on Jammerzine. Addison Clapp is an artist who is obviously young, but, his music is way beyond his years. Filled with hooks and hip, songwriting, and pop sensibility, ‘Hollywood Blvd’ is a timestamp on Addison’s career. Whether it be as an addition to his musical evolution or a statement such as ‘This is where it started…’, you can hear the star within Addison’s music. His vocals are youthful yet experienced. He does all the right inflections and falsettos. The strength of the songwriting has a timeless pop appeal. Yet, what I hear, is an artist with a solid future. He has the chops. He will grow into this role with experience. All we need to do now is listen.

‘A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard’ is out as of today (buy links below).

About ‘A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard’

A Drive Down Hollywood Boulevard is a layered title considering Los Angeles was one of the last places Clapp got to visit before the pandemic took hold. Pulling from that fateful trip along with regular viewings of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and a deep love of ’60s culture, A Drive began taking shape as Clapp was returning to his isolated high school studies. Using pop nostalgia as a coping mechanism against social isolation, Clapp’s retro-futurist songwriting on standouts like lead single “Take Our Time” and “Hollywood Boulevard” position him comfortably as a rising student of Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes.