JJ Doze has released his new video for the track titled ‘Who Am I’. Tackling the subject head on and grabbing it by the face, JJ achieves that feeling when you get something deep off your chest and share the epiphany with the world. Lessons to be learned, or at least had, with ‘Who Am I’ as a staunch introverted outcry with the honesty only found in poets.

About JJ Doze

JJ Doze prides himself on pushing his music to demonstrate a deep vulnerability; he faces his demons head on, and leaves everything on the table. The rapper does not shy away from examining the darkest depths of his experience, and “Who Am I” is no exception. In the midst of an inner war incited by shame, JJ Doze raps, “I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror, yeah. Wish I could say ‘I am proud of myself’ yeah,” providing listeners with deeply emotional, almost feverish imagery. He continues building anticipation for the chorus by peeling away another layer of anguish. “I lost the confidence inside my character,” he professes, “and I be thinking I will always be alone if I can never find it back.” JJ Doze shows up with raw lyricism, palpable passion, and a confident flow that keeps fans captivated and wanting more.

Born as Jonathan Jesus Mendoza (JJ Doze) in New York City. He continuously finds ways to be more creative for his songs, videos, & writings. He started gaining exposure after a single, called ‘Once Upon A Time’, where he shares his true thoughts/emotions that can be relatable to many. JJ Doze carries this style throughout all of his songs, which can make many form a connection with his music.

About ‘Who Am I’

Independent New York based Rapper JJ Doze reflects on feelings of insecurity and uncertainty in his passionate new single “Who Am I”. This single, while undeniably danceable and punchy, gives listeners a profound insight into the rapper’s behind-the-scenes struggles. Reminiscent of rap icons like NF and Hopsin, JJ Doze deep dives into his experience of not knowing his purpose and finding his identity as overarching themes of this track.

Throughout the single, the artist walks listeners through various situations that have inhibited his ability to find clarity in his purpose. JJ Doze uses the verses to elaborate on his experience – delivering lyrics characterized by sincere wisdom sharpened by a rugged angst – and lets loose on anthemic choruses providing a much needed cathartic moment for the heavy hearted lyrical content of the verses. At its core, this single embodies a brooding sense of longing for guidance that anyone unsure of what the future holds can relate to.