KEVLAR is a band that knows what they want and, by looking at their latest video for “Alibis”, knows exactly how to go about getting it. This band is tight and professional at the core yet creatively feisty all around. Talent dictates that one or two members in every band should stick out from the rest, but with KEVLAR, this is an impossibility. The band is a cohesive unit. A pulsating beast with a beat and a mission to grab your ears and shout.

Hard, heavy, powerful, meaningful, and emotionally charged… That’s what you can expect from every song and every live show. Brutal and expansive riffs and beats with soaring vocals that deliver stories of suffering, insecurity, and the struggles we all face in our daily lives. The live KEVLAR experience attacks your senses with a high energy show delivered with a wide range of emotions. This is what we love. This is KEVLAR.

SOURCE: Official Bio

Band Lineup:
Kelci Margaret- Lead Vocals
Anthony Sanzo- Bass Guitar
Nick Sanzo- Drums
Jake Flaugh- Guitar