A progressive, authentic, fluid and dynamic artist, Omar Kamal is set to be the first global star to hail from Nablus, Palestine. Born in 1992, Omar spent his early years listening to classical and world music and playing the piano until he discovered his life-long passion, singing. Omar’s multi-cultural influences have given him a rich taste in music ranging from Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson, to Arabic idols such as Mohammed Abdel Wahab, and even modern trendsetters like The Weeknd.

Omar has a musical background, at the age of nine, he started playing the piano, by the age of fourteen he attended an international music festival in Germany where he was introduced to the world of classical music. Since then Omar’s love for the classical world intensified also taking up violin lessons before deciding to focus on vocals and piano which led Omar to find a more contemporary sound.

During university years, Omar was lead vocalist of the University’s Big Band, where he toured the UK and participated in competitions, which led him to the realization that music was his ultimate passion. On a trip back to Palestine, Omar organized a local concert in the hope that it would kick-start his professional career in music for himself and his band, and this caught the eyes of Sony Music Middle East and Omar signed a multi-year recording and management contract in late 2014.


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Known as the Palestinian Frank Sinatra, Omar even sat with Tina Sinatra and had a chat, he managed to let her know that her father had heavily influenced and changed Omar’s life. Omar very often experiments with his music and adds new sounding elements which all adds to the uniqueness of Omar’s music.

Omar’s single ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ showcases the powerhouse vocals that Omar has been blessed with, it is a classic take on the Michael Jackson hit. With a perfectly fitted video to go alongside the track, with a vintage, retro feel, it complements the vocals extremely well, what makes the track even more special is that Omar works with the same guitarist that worked on Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ album – the legend that is Tim Pierce. Omar has a forthcoming album too, work on the album began in early 2015 with Canadian producer Dave Pierce and legendary producer Bob Rock, not one to shy away from working with legends, ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ was mixed by 23 time Grammy award winning Al Schmitt at Capitol Studios in Hollywood. Omar hopes to be able to bridge the musical gap between East and West and bring everyone together all through the power of music.