Written following a house party in Bristol (where Kitty lived while at art school), ‘Girls In The Garage’ is a jaunty dub with flourishes of mariachi brass and an Ethiopian-inspired sax solo played by Kitty’s dad, Jem Finer of The Pogues. The prominent brass section is completed by Dan Hayes of Fine Print and Pete Fraser of Down I Go, two of Kitty’s old-skool school friends.

Although having always been in bands with boys and men, Kitty draws many of her influences from girl bands, from wall-of-sound soul women The Ronettes to punk rockers The Raincoats. In fact it was Raincoats member and filmmaker Gina Birch – who has made promos for the likes of The Libertines, New Order and The Veils – who pooled creative resources with Kitty to direct ‘Girls In The Garage’, a short that challenges conventions while bringing out the funny side.

The two women met after Gina heard Kitty singing her songs with Finn Andrews of The Veils on a Resonance Radio show. It led to a friendship between two women of charisma, grit and brilliance; two art-school girls who exchanged messages across generations, expressed through the wit of ‘Girls In The Garage’.

Kitty might not currently be part of a girl band but for the video she put together a dream team comprised of family and friends who she thought would make a brilliant fictional girl band. Members of this group include rappers, DJs, academics, teachers and artists. Watch them all in exuberant action in ‘Girls In The Garage’.