Soft Power Records are delighted to announce their next release, which is a split vinyl LP by Glasgow band SECONDS and London band JOYA. The twelve track LP will be released on 01 / 08 / 2015 & is limited to 250 copies.

In support of the LP there will be a Glasgow Launch on August 1st (Seconds / JOYA / Vital Idles) at The Old Hairdressers) & A London show on August 5th at New River Studios with Soft Power alumni Witching Waves / H. Grimace and also Rodents).

SECONDS : Full on & slightly sleazy, with a poisoned kool aid party vibe, they do a cover of Soft Cell’s Bedsitter live that is to die for.

JOYA: A Nervy, tender blend of post grunge and invigorating slacker pop, a band in transition, for wallflowers everywhere.

London’s JOYA are newly reconfigured and sporting the season’s three piece disposition.
Ask the group who they hold in highest regard and they’ll give you the only names that matter: The Breeders and The Beatles.

Their sound reaches for an effortlessness, a simplicity that dances round the unadulterated hook. Life is complicated and JOYA demand a clear head today.

A previous incarnation put together the 6 tracks that make up their side of the Soft Power split, a gang much saluted.

This serves the transitionary moment with grace. Now the group look to a future furnished with fresh compositions and rejuve-nated urgency and if music is a never-ending quest, then these guys are creeping upon mid-life with all the fervor that can be mustered right now.

As it stands, the group consists of: Robert Sotelo, Phillip Edward Johnson & James Llewellyn Thomas.

Seconds are Josh, Hillary, Joan, and Richard- 4 people from places far and wide, living in Glasgow with a mutual appreciation of the B52’s, a lot of music from the 90’s, and super ultra ennui.

They met through sonic crushes on each others’ previous projects and all night bar lock-ins going years back.

Their music could be described as peppy songs for pessimistic people or awkward songs for optimists; regardless, they make life’s trials really, really fun to dance to.