Be prepared to be taken back a few decades with the lovely Leat, a singer-songwriter from Israel, ready to take on the rest of the world with her vintage approach to making music, the music she loves and connects to, she’s a born romantic and optimist, she invites the listener into her world and what a world to be invited into.

Growing up listening to The Temptations, Jackson 5, Elvis and Cat Stevens, she is influenced by Dolly Parton, Jersey Boys Johnny Cash, Tracy Chapman and even modern day great Amy Winehouse and Craig David. Leat has a broad knowledge of music and the music she creates, she uses equipment from the 50’s and 60’s even the drum kit was vintage, after the recording process she takes her music to a studio and uses a machine that makes the songs sound like they were recorded in an analog way.

Transport back into the 50’s and 60’s with her new EP Flying On A Kite, the name came from her feeling that she had let her kite rise and dream, as a lot of people say she’s a dreamer, and with the EP she finally felt that she was on the right path. The EP was produced by Noam Akrabi, who she says helped her dream to come to life, they connect and understand each other’s style.

Leat is a self-proclaimed feminist and independent woman, and is very typically Israelian, a strong woman, this may also be because she spent two years in the army as it is mandatory in Israel, it also comes across in her music and performance style, even performing at eight and a half months pregnant whilst a war started in Israel, sirens went off before the performance warning them, but in her own words Leat explains ‘as I was so far along with my pregnancy, I couldn’t delay, and although we had a war outside, the club was full of people, it was a night to remember.’

The lead single off of the EP is ‘Wait For Me’ following in the style of the rest of the EP, it has an extremely vintage feel and transports you back to an era where music was pure and honest with a definite romantic feel, the single was influenced by the TV programme MadMen which is based in the 50s/60’s, most of the women were stay at home housewives and are at their husband’s beck and call, her husband calls to say he will be home late but the wife actually knows he is cheating on her, she is too afraid to speak her mind, the song is upbeat and happy because Leat knows that in this day and age she can be a woman with her own mind and thoughts, just like a man. Leat raised money for the video off of Crowd Funding raising two thousand pounds to complete the visuals.

SOURCE: Official Bio