After coming a long way from hard work and perseverance, Lively’s album ‘My Statement’ demonstrates a maturity that suggests bigger ventures ahead.

Having collaborated with Hip Hop producing legend Scott Storch on one of the songs of the album, the UK rapper has been able to master his craft on the most proficient level. Recording with the man that has worked on singles from Beyonce to 50 Cent, the track ‘Middle Finger’, which has also been his last single release, is only one of the many persuasive statements on the album.

Lively’s career has progressed at a quick pace since the rapper had decided to put his heart and soul into his work. The ultimate motivational burst came after his dad had been diagnosed with cancer for the second time. Being faced with the hardship and limits that life can put on you, Lively decided to use the bad news as a reason to fight for his own endeavours. He explains: “It was a big wake-up call and I decided then that if I’m going to make a career out of this I had to commit myself fully from that point on.” His determination has paid off quickly. The rapper’s first EP, which was released in April 2015, turned out to be a massive success on itunes without the help of any major promotional campaigns.

Using his ability to turn downfalls into creative energy and staying on top his game at all times has made him an artist that will stay in the industry for some time to come. Another song from the album, ‘Bad Influence’ is telling the story of how the rapper is going his own way regardless of what other people think of him. Like in ‘Middle Finger’, Lively stays consistent in his ambition to make it to the top by staying true to himself.

Apart from working with Storch, the rapper has been in the studio with Smiler TPM, BIZARRE from D12 as well as MAC and G-Man of So Solid Crew who have since been strong supporters of his work. ‘My Statement’ is not just another Hip Hop album, it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Lively has put his heart and blood into a record that paints an honest and unambiguous account of a talented rapper.

The Album ‘My Statement’ is out on 15th April 2016.


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