96275-People_and_EarthFendi and Project at ’40 is a band that consists of 4 people , Fendi on vocals and guitar , Yudda on lead guitar , bass and Yuddi Adit on the drum . It was agreed that in drafting the songs do not have to follow or set up to follow a particular music flow paramount strive to be honest in the art . The rest is up to the listener to say that we are a rock band or other designations .

Beginning in 1990 when the songs were written by Fendi and only then having been recorded on cassette, the  band produced three mini-albums in early 2000. In the course of disassembly experienced personnel . In 2011 Fendi met Yudda a player Cello and Guitar , Violin am a player , Ariel a bass player and a drummer Yuddi . After the meeting it was decided to form a band that embodies the ideas of the five of us and it was decided to work on the mini- album .

SOURCE: Official Bio

Fendi and Project at ’40 are:
Fendi : Guitar and Vocal
Yudda : Cello
Yuddi : Drum
Adit : Bass

Additional players:
Aam : Piano and Violin
Firman : Backing Vocal
Avel Hirose : Cello
Halim : Guitar