Montreal artists Lubalin has officially premiered his new video for the single titled ‘Don’t Know’. When an artist wears his/her heart on their sleeve and does it with that original panache in addition to that vulnerability hard to show, you have something special.

Short but sweet, ‘Don’t Know’ is to the point. Sometimes caring is harming and we must find our way ourselves. That’s why it is our way. And that way can be blurred by the visions and opinions of others. ‘Don’t Know’ is the soundtrack to that. But it’s also that guiding light. What I get from Lubalin here is let your mind be your guide, your heart be your filter, and your drive be your spirit.

‘Sometimes when people see talent and potential in you, they get all these ideas about how they think you should apply it. It’s nice when people care about what you do, but it means you’re going to make a lot of decisions that are confusing or disappointing from the outside.

It took me a while to realize that, “how people see you” isn’t the same as “who you are”. I think who you are is probably a mystery that can never be fully resolved. And that can make some of your choices difficult or impossible to explain.’

About Lubalin

A self-taught creator and artist, Lubalin writes, composes, produces and records all of his own music.

Fascinated by sound from a young age, he rapidly developed an ease for experimenting with harmonies, melodies, textures and vocal timbres. These are the elements that make his music unique.

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Inspired by a broad spectrum of styles, ranging from obscure recordings to big pop hits, his curiosity serves as the driving force in his creative process.

“As humans, we’re drawn to the extremes. We like contrast.”

“Maybe it’s the way our minds work. We have to categorize things, in order to think about them. We have to draw a line somewhere, between what something is and what it isn’t.”

“But when you zoom in on those boundaries, between the black and the white, you find that they aren’t hard lines at all, but rather sweeping, mottled greys.”

Lubalin is, in some ways, an explorer of this space. He sees his art as a way to magnify these seemingly thin lines, and reveal the broader landscapes within.

“I’m also fascinated with what makes art work. The way we use repetition, the way we can make new things feel familiar and familiar things feel new, and how there are patterns that all great stories share… These tools that we can use to speak more directly with the subconscious.”

A series of new releases are planned for 2020 and 2021, including singles, Eps, and videos.